Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dog Parks?

Does anyone know of a really nice dog park? I took our dogs to the dog park on 1300 South & 7th East over the weekend- it was blah. Most people weren't even watching their dogs- it was like a daycare with no one to make sure the kids were playing nice! I would like to find a good dog park- so if you know of any, let me know!

Monday, March 1, 2010

St. George & Skeet Shooting

Jack and I had a blast visiting his dad and step-mom in St. George this past weekend. The highlight of our activities was skeet shooting. It was awesome! Here are some pictures:

Jack was a natural- his dad was so impressed!

I did pretty well myself - shot 5 in a row! Not bad for the first time shooting!

We had to wear glasses and ear plugs. Sa-weet!

It started raining right after we got done shooting - we finished just in time.

The dogs were happy to see us after we got back from the range!

After shooting we went to see Shutter Island - overall a good show... aside from the two old ladies sitting next to me who had to discuss every scene while shaking up their bags of popcorn and slurping their large sodas. Example: "Oh dear, Leonardo DiCaprio sure looks older than he did in Titanic!" Really?! How many years has it been since Titanic came out?!!

We also took the dogs to a dog park down in St. George - they both did exceptionally well! So well in fact, that I am going to start taking them to a dog park in Salt Lake once a week. Baby steps!