Thursday, September 24, 2009

-Quick Update-

The end of summer came a lot sooner than I wanted and fall is proving to fly by quicker each passing year-

Jack and I are both back in school.

He is continuing up at the U and I’m attending The Elase Academy (medical spa esthetician). The joys of working full-time and going to school 20 hours a week! :)

I start a new job on Monday! I have worked for AMD for the last 2.5 years. I attribute my professional and personal growth over those years to working for such a great company! While I love what I do, I am looking for more growth opportunity which has been somewhat capped at AMD. I have built some great relationships with the people I worked with at AMD and plan to stay in touch! I now get the pleasure of working with someone I have worked with in the past... who is a great mentor! Opportunity for growth seems endless!

In other news, the salons are doing really well! I couldn’t ask for better business partners (Jack, Ryan, & Raschelle). The dogs are still spoiled… shocker, I know! Family is doing great- love them!

I hope to start updating my blog more frequently… best of intentions anyway!